Wetsuit technology


  • We’re committed to developing the highest quality, best performance product on the market. When we first set about designing a wetsuit in 2007, the goal was to develop something that was ultimately faster than anything else in the water. That still rings true today – aiming to lead the way in all categories. We have always looked to pioneer and innovate, working closely with athletes of all levels to find out what really matters and how we can inspire them to achieve their personal goals. Wetsuit technology has continued to evolve and we’ve been at the forefront – creating suits that are exceptionally comfortable, super-fast in the water, and rapid removal in transition.

  • All Zone3 suits feature ProSpeed arm and leg cuffs which use a specially formulated silicone coating to make the wetsuit come off extremely quickly. Perfect to increase transition speed for Pro’s and make that little bit easier for novices. 

  • Our wetsuits have been designed to ensure fast, efficient swimming. Shoulder resistance can be a big issue when swimming in a wetsuit but our Spring Loaded design helps maintain a controlled rhythmic stroke.

  • Designed to offer maximum flexibility by eliminating seams. This ensures maximum range of motion and minimizes resistance against the shoulders to give the feeling that you’re swimming without a wetsuit. 

  • All Zone3 suits are coated with an aqua dynamic coating which significantly minimizes any drag through the water and helps improve suit durability. Our higher end Yamamoto neoprene wetsuits take this one step further featuring the most advanced SCS Nano coating for the fastest performance possible through the water.

  • Your body’s buoyancy varies depending on the area and triathletes notoriously suffer from “sinking legs." Our wetsuits have been designed to provide optimum buoyancy with a tiered neoprene construction, utilizing a variety of types and thickness. 

  • The environment matters, so we consciously use more eco-friendly neoprene. Recycled tires are used to make Carbon Black and Limestone is used to replace petrochemicals. Water-based glue is used instead of harmful solvent-based glue to bond seams and our linings are made from recycled polyester. In fact, 45 plastic bottles are recycled for every wetsuits lining. That’s a lot of waste put to good use. 

Tri apparel technology


  • No triathlon is won in the water, which is why our tri apparel has been designed to help get you to finish line in the fastest time possible. Performance fabrics and design features ensure maximum comfort and breathability – helping you push harder.

  • The suits use either an innovative glue-bonded seam structure or flat-lock stitching designed for maximum strength and comfort.

  • Each Zone3 suit has had a lot of care and attention put into it, this includes the inner protection system, which ensures no rubbing on the sharp edges along the zip.

  • We utilize the finest fabrics from all over the world to offer the highest performance and comfort during the swim, bike and run. Every product is tried and tested to ensure it meets our high standards – if it’s not something our athletes would use, it’s not something we’d sell.

  • Used to give a snug fit without any discomfort around the arms and neck lines.

  • Pockets have been carefully positioned on to some suits to store nutritional products or other race accessories whilst not creating excessive drag.

  • All suits use Italian designed pads to minimize water absorption and providing protection during the cycling phase, without impeding your swim or run. Fine-line stitching is used to ensure maximum comfort and avoid risk of chaffing.

  • Unique design to offer just the right pressure, positioned on the leg hem of each suit to prevent any movement of the shorts whilst also helping to prevent irritation.