1%-20% Equity Is Now Open to Investors!


We have recently successfully completed our initial fundraising goal and business is going better than we hoped with our sales and marketing growth. We have turned a significant corner where we are now becoming recognized as a leading triathlon brand in the US, and this is now opening many partnership doors. Partnerships that we need more capital for.


We are also seeing significantly higher sales when we run our holiday promotions. Our 2019 Memorial Day sale out performed any sale we did in 2018 and this comes down to brand recognition, not the discount. We need to make sure we have the stock to accommodate these sales, and also the growing demand on Amazon.


Our new 8000sf facility in Florida has allowed us to have space for more stock, and it also has an impressive store/showroom, which is an added bonus not even explored in our initial plans. It's a great platform to showcase our products. Increasing our staff in our facility has now become paramount in order to maintain our high level of customer service.


We need to raise more capital to fund the above initiatives and to do this we want to present a solid investment offering to the right candidates.


Why open this up now? Although we are comfortable and on target, we do feel that if we had a significant investment injection (without taking on debt) then we can grab some amazing opportunities, which will not be available 6-months down the road. It will also allow us to buy significantly higher stock quantities to cope with our accelerated growth. Buying in bulk comes at a lower price.


The owner is offering a total of 20% equity in the company as an LLC profit share. We will start making annual profit share draws at the end of 2024 onwards, annually for the life of the company. Any equity investor also receives over $1,000 in product each year for the life of the equity ownership. That's a lot of free product!

Here are the options available:

  • 1% equity for $25,000

  • 2% equity for $50,000

  • 4% equity for $100,000

  • 6% equity for $150,000

  • 8% equity for $200,000

  • 10% equity for $250,000

  • 20% equity for $500,000

We truly believe this is an incredible and unparalleled opportunity for a passionate triathlete/swimmer investor.


If you do have serious interest and feel well qualified then please email as soon as possible.