- 2018 MODEL.


- Winner of Triathlon Plus magazine's  Gold Award and Triathlete Magazine's Best in Class.

- Incredibly flexible and buoyant. Super-fast and smooth in the water.

- Panel design, materials and innovative features result in an incredible swim which doesn't compare to any other wetsuit on the market


$750.00 Regular Price
$375.00Sale Price
  • Building on the incredible pedigree of the Vanquish, the latest model is our leanest, meanest and fastest wetsuit ever made. When we set about designing it, we wanted to create a suit that was the most flexible on the market across the shoulders, arms, upper back and lats while combining maximum buoyancy through the quads, hips and glutes.

    The response from the top coaches and elite athletes who have worn the wetsuit has been overwhelming. Many of them agreeing that the Vanquish takes performance and comfort to new levels; it offers extreme flexibility and optimal buoyancy.

    Winner of Triathlete Magazine's "BEST IN CLASS" award for 2016, as well as Triathlon Plus magazine's "Gold Award," describing it "as close to perfection as you can get with a wetsuit."