- 2018 MODEL.


- More award winning reviews than any other wetsuit over the last ten years.


- 220 Triathlon magazine's first and only 10/10 wetsuit.


- Made with 100% Yamamoto neoprene for maximum comfort and performance.


- Designed for a fast, smooth and natural feeling swim.


$475.00 Regular Price
$237.50Sale Price
  • Year on year the Aspire wetsuit builds on its world renowned reputation. It continues to collect accolades from the triathlon industry, having scored an impressive 10 out of 10 rating in both Triathlete Europe and 220 Magazine in its early years and more recently a 95% rating and the prestigious

    "Best Buy" award, as well as "Editor's Choice" and "Top Value" awards. The Aspire is constantly given praise for its great fit, remarkable flexibility around the shoulders, carefully balanced buoyancy and rapid removal.

    Due to the popularity of the Aspire, the latest version sticks with the winning recipe and has minimal design changes. The main focus has been on increasing the flexibility even further and this has been achieved with the introduction of a new one-piece shoulder panel design and by incorporating higher stretch materials.