- $65 for a 4-week rental period.


- $40 if picked up and dropped off at our store!


- $65 rental includes free outbound and return shipping.


- Full payment less $65/$40 will be refunded within 7-days of receiving the returned wetsuit.


- Discounts may not be applied to rentals, but can be applied to initial deposit.


- Rental may be previous years model or uprgrades.


- Want to keep the wetsuit because you love it so much? Just don't return it!




  • The Advance wetsuit is recognized as the best entry level suit on the market and Zone3 have worked hard to further improve the look, feel and performance of the suit in their new collection, while still keeping the price point as low as possible. As well as providing warmth, the wetsuit is designed to help you swim faster and with less effort. A new shoulder layout and underarm lining helps even further allowing for 8.5% further reach in the water and more comfort and flexibility.


    The Advance wetsuit has received much acclaim in the triathlon world with 220 Magazine awarding 95% and its coveted Best on Test award, stating that the Advance wouldn't feel out of place against many of the mid-range products available at twice the price. Tri247.com also have tested the wetsuit in the past and stated that the shoulder flexibility felt as good as a top of the range wetsuit from another well-known brand.


    The suit offers the key ingredients which make the Zone3 wetsuit range so popular, but changes to the materials and thickness of the product enable the suit to be very competitively priced.