- A unique short sleeve suit, with a fit designed for speed and maximum coverage.


- Extremely hydrophobic, with only a 5% absorption rate.


- Stylish Kona inspired printed design.


- Bonded seams and high-tech nano coated fabric.


- Used and loved by the Pros.


  • The Zone3 Kona Target swimskin features short sleeves and a Tribal print design to give a nod to the Kona Ironman world champs. The suit is designed to offer extra core support and reduce drag during non-wetsuit swims. The suit is made from X2R, a premium revolutionary woven fabric which is one of the lightest and most compressive fabrics available and is extremely hydrophobic with only a 5% water absorption rate. To minimise drag, seams have been kept to a minimum and are fully seal bonded, and the unique short sleeve panel design allows for maximum freedom of movement whilst providing full trisuit coverage whatever you race in.


    The suit is designed to go over the top of your race uniform so offers good body coverage.  The fit is designed for speed and the seams are glued and head bonded for comfort and to maximise drag resistance. There is also zip on the back with a cord attached to allow the suits to be removed easily.


    The Kona Target swimskin offers the very best in terms of performance. We tested several of the highest performance fabrics available before deciding on X2R which is a revolutionary woven fabric front and back panels and Energy-D for the legs. The X2R is one of the lightest and fastest fabrics available and extremely hydrophobic with only 5% water absorption rate. The fabric on the legs ensures superior compression and water channelling.