Supercharge Your Goals for Success

December 23, 2017


Triathlon is a great sport for setting goals. They are all around us. Whether it is to go faster or longer, place in a certain percentage of your age group or qualify for a World Championships. You can be competitive against yourself or against friends or rivals.


There is a chance that you have heard that goals should be S.M.A.R.T that is Specific, Measurable, Agreed, Realistic and given a Time scale. That is true but if you are looking to take it a bit further, Zone3 athlete ad coach Will Newbery explains how there are a few things that you can do to supercharge your S.M.A.R.T goals…



One thing I get my athletes to do is a review of the past season. I get them to look at what they did the previous season and what they think went well and what they feel they could improve on. I get them to write a few key aspects down to work on over the season.


Ask advice

No matter what you have in mind there is a good chance that there are people out there that have done what you want to do or have at least given it a good go. Pick their brains, learn from their mistakes and adjust your thoughts accordingly.


Dream big

I like a challenge and I am competitive – which can be a good thing and it can be a bad thing. I encourage people to have a goal that is possibly going to stretch them a bit. Something that scares them and asks them to give everything to getting towards that goal. However, once we have established that goal we set interim goals and we plot a journey to get there. This helps by not making it sound quite so daunting.


Live the dream

Once you have your challenge you have to get the right attitude. I have in the past told people to live like a celebrity – by that I don’t mean go to all the posh clubs and spend loads of money – I mean imagine that every aspect of your life is being scrutinised by the press. Make every training session count, allow food to do what it is supposed to do i.e. provide the best fuel for your body and get as much rest as you need.


Absorb positivity

Success breeds success and the same can be said with positivity. If you are constantly near people who squash your dreams then that will create negativity in your mind and you are already beaten. The answer isn’t in getting people that pump you up and tell you how great you are all the time either. Having people that believe in your ability and will help remind you where you want to go when it gets tough – that is the key.


Believe in yourself and the process

The human body is an amazingly adaptable object. If you get things right and train consistently then every session will get you closer to achieving your goal. You will have times where everything is going amazingly and you will be ticking off your interim goals. There will however be times where you feel rubbish and you might not achieve an interim goal. This is the time to go back over the above and see if there is anything extra you need to do. You must believe that you are capable of success – that’s part of picking the goal – reaffirm this, believe in yourself and get back on the case.

There you have it RADLAB – the new way of setting goals and succeeding!

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