Quirks of a Triathlete

December 22, 2017


You can spot a fellow triathlete from a mile off. What makes us so distinctive? Here’s our (non-definitive) list of idiosyncrasies that every triathlete can probably relate to…


1. The only shoelaces you know of are elastic.


2. Running shoes are suitable for every occasion.


3. Holiday = Training camp.


4. The pool is always the first thing you check before booking a hotel.


5. You go to the buffet cart 5+ times


6. A belt is for your race number, not holding your trousers up.


7. Knowing your heart rate is more important than the time of day.


8. Your drinks bottle never leaves your side.


9. Whenever you travel, your running shoes always go with you.


10. An energy/protein bar is an everyday snack.


11. You’ve already been up for three hours and burned 1000 calories before arriving to work.


12. Once in the office, work = recovery time.


13. Your car is an extension of your wardrobe.


14. Buying everyday clothing is a luxury, buying new triathlon kit is essential.


15. The only shower you use is at the gym.


16. You only use a dry towel on Monday of each week.


17. When someone mentions wearing a ‘suit’ you automatically think wetsuit.


18. You’d rather check someone’s race results than their Linkedin or Facebook profile.


19. Getting changed in a busy public space is not an issue.


20. You spend more on race entry fees than you do on household bills.


21. You know every side ride in your area, as well as the gradient and current KOM.


22. You watch more TV on your trainer than you do on the sofa.


23. If you’re not moving, you’re stretching.


24. Lubricant and talcum powder are race day essentials.


25. Sunglasses are a permanent piece of apparel – whether over your eyes or on your head.


26. Lycra in public is not an issue, in fact, you quite like it.


27. You can’t remember the last day that your body didn’t ache.


28. 90% of your t-shirts have more logos than Nascar has on it’s cars.


29. You color match everything to your bike.


30. You wash your wetsuit before yourself after a swim.


31. Compression socks…yes, please.


32. When you take your kids to the pool, you secretly wish you were doing laps.


33.  Your tan lines are badges of honor.


34. Your skin always smells of chlorine.


35. You wear your finisher jacket with pride …even when it’s 90 degrees out!


Oh, what fun it is to be a triathlete. Some people may not get it, but to triathletes, all of these are perfectly normal behaviors!

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