Tim Don's Comeback - Ironman 70.3 Costa Rica

June 30, 2018

We caught up with Tim Don before and after his recent win at Ironman 70.3 Costa Rica, the first triathlon he raced since breaking his neck last year two days before the World Championships. His journey to recovery has been absolutely inspiring, and all of us at Zone3 are so proud to be his sponsor.


His Thoughts Before the Race



 “My build-up has been good considering, not sure I’m on my race form but I have done everything I can to be ready for tomorrow. I am pretty nervous, but I hope that is a good thing. My last race was World 70.3 Champs, so a long time between drinks. It a great venue here and very very humid and hot so will be a smart race to get it all out.” And we all know the result!


Tim's Thoughts After the Race


"I am not sure if I felt better than I had hoped. The first race is always a shock to the system, and this was no different physically. Especially since the conditions were so hot and humid."


The swim

"My neck did get a little sore in the swim, it was hard as I could only breathe to my left. However, I loved my swim skin. It was fast and caused no chaffing – now that’s a win-win right there in a sea swim!!! The plan (and hope) was to swim near the front and bike hard until I got to the front, then see who was around me. Also to conserve energy, as it was crazy hot and humid. I know Santiago is a great athlete and Ryan has ITU pedigree."



The bike


"Once on the bike, my neck seemed to kind of loosen up, but at about 40-50km I felt it get stiff. Also, my shoulders and upper back started getting tight. I had to really focus for the later part of the bike and the whole of the run. The bike was not crazy hard, and I felt better as it went on. So, I decided to put some power down with 10km to go, and the gap opened up."


The run

"On the run, I could run my own pace and take loads of water at the aid stations, my efs pro and liquid was key in the humidity and keeping my core temperature down too."


Crossing the line

"Crossing the line was pure relief, to be honest. It was a bit surreal, the last 200m was like a dream. There were so many mixed emotions running through my head: anger about being hit by the car, pure joy, sadness my family couldn’t be there, confusion about what had just happened. I was a bit of a mess, but ultimately happy and thankful that I could race again and race okay."


What's Next for Tim Don?



"Fitness wise, I am like I was in March, not too fit. However, Costa Rica has given me a lot of confidence in what we have been doing and how we have been doing it. I have a great team around me. I will get back to training and see what my coaches say, but hopefully an Ironman in the next 4-6 weeks. Hamburg for sure."


Watch Tim Don’s documentary, 'The man with the halo' here > 
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